Player customization

This is a stupid idea, but what if there was a player outfit customizer in the main menu, sort of like Tub.

You could maybe unlock items somehow?

Tell me what you guys think of this :slightly_smiling_face:

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In the main menu? So… it’s kinda like pointshop across all servers? If yes - it’s not gonna happen.
Many servers will remove “Tubguy/Terry/Whatever” character anyway, because they don’t like him or he doesn’t fit their gamemode’s style. Imagine playing a gamemode like SCP and seeing someone running as a tubguy in a glowing neon hot pink dress with 10 rainbow trails following him…
Other servers will introduce their own player customizations to make players grind more stuff.

So, making some kind of pointshop for all server is pretty much pointless (kill me).


At your command. :bomb:

No seriously, it would be nice to have some kind of customization in the main menu or directly on a server like Garry’s Mod. It would be super useful for Sandbox gamemode servers.

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Do you mean like how in gmod you could pick your character in the context menu?

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Yes, as I said, servers will make their own customizations.
In case of the Sandbox gamemode, I’m sure someone will make a clone of Pointshop from Garry’s Mod in a first week or so.


Making something similar to Garry’s Mod sandbox player model menu is good even if most of servers will replace it with their own system. This can be a great option for gamemode developers to allow rich customization out-of-the-box for games in which player appearance doesn’t play any role.

What about unlocking items, a few of them could be achievement rewards (if achievements are planned to be implemented), I don’t think microtransactions will be in demand in this case.

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This still sounds like a terrible idea.
That means you would have to create a system where people would have to do stuff to get something, and I don’t think the point of Sandbox-type game modes is about doing tasks for player models. It’s supposed to be as it says, a sand box where people could be able to do anything. It wouldn’t make sense to hide models or customizations behind some sort of task you have to do to unlock them.

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Its more of a cool “hey look what I did” kind of thing. Some servers would probably just allow you to put it on regardless if you actually unlocked it or not

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Yeah and you have to get s&bux to pay for new clothes and you can use your character in almost every game mode. /s


There could be addons that add new menus to the game.

For example, someone could make a client-side character customization addon that adds a new tab into your pause menu to customize your character and save it locally.
A server-side companion addon would get your customized character and set it in-game.

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I could see TUB guy customization used on official Facepunch servers, but then again I don’t see a chance there would be official FP servers, to begin with.




Just make an avatar system addon. People can change their avatar, wear different accessories, change skin colours, etc. Any server that had the same addon will just load your avatar and everyone sees it automatically.

We already have something similar for gmod, it’s called outfitter.