Player data


I want to reinstall my server but don’t want to loose any player data (learned BP’s) and stuff, is there a way to back up the data before I do

At a file level, you have two options (three if you count “all of the above”).

You can delete your saves (the map) without deleting the persistence folder (player learned-blueprint database), or vice versa, to wipe the things you want. I’m not a server admin and the info I’m giving you is from a post by garry six months ago, but the server should not have changed TOO much. There will also be a folder with your players’ signs and maps, but those should automatically be backed up with the map or else when you reload the map things will break as the image files go missing.

If the version of the server that you will be reinstalling is the same version as the one you’re running now, you can back up both folders, reinstall the server, and then replace them and the server won’t notice the difference.

The one exception is if you are currently using plugins, and when you reinstall, you don’t install the exact same plugin set as you’re currently using. That may cause issues as things don’t have everything they expect. If you were to do that, I’d recommend only backing up the blueprint storage so that your players don’t lose their BPs and wiping the map.

Userpersistence.db contains all you need to save for BPs.