Player disconnected for CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity

so i have a server and sometimes a few players get disconnected with this message CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity 835. the numbers at the end is always different.

The server is updated aswell. Running darkrp.

im just wondering if anyone had an idea on what this is about.

That’s pretty weird. Can you share your server’s config? (remove any passwords)

i updated my server to see if it will go away. still get the same issue. seems like they cant join back either because they disconnect again for that reason.

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which config? for the game mode?

still having this issue
Player Mak (STEAM_0:1:60493523) has left the server:CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity
Player the.3null.4player. (STEAM_0:1:98758282) hasleft the server: CL_CopyExistingEntity: missing client entity

This should be fixed on the prerelease branch. It’s clientside, so updating your server to that won’t do anything. You’ll have to wait for the next update.