Player Driven NPC's

I have thought about this for many games, and feel this could be good for Rust.

Allow the ability to Hire/Adopt/Accept simple AI bots into your home.

Specific rules:
*These AI players are running the same rules as any player.
*To accept one the player(s) must build accommodations for them.
*The AI will be limited to the role in which they are “hired” on to do.
*Would add that any harvest rates would be greatly reduced as compared to a player.
*Additionally, the NPC would also have to heal up from any damage before “collecting” more resources.

examples would be things like:

-Requires: bunk beds, wall locker
-2 guard NPC’s could be hired per barracks square
-would patrol your house and attempt to defend it based on weapons and armor placed in locker.

-Requires: A bed, Stove, larder
-1 NPC would cook & prepare food
-would defend himself during a raid

Requires: Trading Table, Storage Shelves, Bed
-Would conduct barter on behalf of the Player
-Stock all NPC’s in structure with consumables, food, bullets, wood, etc.

LumberJack(…and I’m ok.), Huntsmen, Miner, Farmer, etc.

All of these AI’s are tasked to a single purpose, and would allow players to make functional strongholds.

Additionally, these creations of AI would all the DEV’s to write the rules without having to plan out every single corner of the world and storyline.

so basically you want AI to collect all the ressource, defend your base and hunt for you?

What is the point of the game if you don’t do those things yourself?

If you just want to pvp play other games

Survival game… Not simulator game.

They would only do things on a limited basis, this creates targets for player to raid and get rewards from.

It also allows for players to create some ingame content.

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These are NPC survivors, The PC Survivors are the "Smart Ones’, relatively speaking. Also, if you hadn’t noticed. All games on a computer are a “Simulator” of one sort or another.

I believe that these things should be left to the players of the server. Instead of hiring NPCs, create a clan or make allies to better your position on the server. You could even hire players to guard your base, but they would of course not be as trustworthy as NPCs. I believe that anything that can hold a gun in this game, should be controlled by a real person.

So basically your belief is no human NPC’s of any kind and basically make this a wilderness survival game. While ok, it would have very limited appeal as any person could raid during off-hours. This suggestion is to add spice to the game.

Well that is the risk you have to take. That’s why you’re supposed to make friends, build bigger communities to better protect yourself against enemies. You basically have to make Rust a part of your life if you are going to succeed with it.

I could however, maybe, just maybe, agree to that guards would be a good idea for this game. As you say, during off-hours anyone can raid you, and it wouldn’t be fair to players not having the hours a day you need for securing a hold on the server. But what would they be hired with? There’s no money in an apocalyptic world.

This is where the NPC Survivor aspect comes in.

Food, Water, Shelter, Weapons, Bullets, Armor.

These “people” are so grateful that they don’t have to scrape for a survival that they perform the tasks you set. As based on their accommodations.

i dont even no why you guys with ideas even post on here all you do is feed the trolls and the people that get picked on in school to lash out at someone

doesn’t this free you up to do so, without having to worry about your own base as much or spend time collecting “EVERYTHING”?

i like the idea with ai’s defending but not gathering

This would be quite a good idea for a modded server, try to make it yourself or presuade yuor friends!

it’s all a process. not everything needs to be included. just trying to add a little spice to the stew.

just no. your talking too much meta gameplay.

would you prefer a completely programmed and unchanging static world?

I want to survive, not to build my own NPC empire.

I would imagine that many others would like the option. Wouldn’t you like to take on an “empire”?

If I wanted an empire, I would recruit some really good players to help me take over the map. Fortunately for everyone who doesn’t want me as an overlord, I only play lone wolf for the most part.

this just sounds so bad