Player Enhancement Script

I’m running a Garry’s Mod DarkRP server and I would like some help. My server is currently going to be selling (real money) permanent player enhancements like max health and health increase, starting armor, gravity, jump height, and a free starting weapon. Well I was wondering if one you lua coders out there could make me a script that would supply these things by specifying the player’s steam id. I would like it where i could make a txt file that lists all the players id’s and the different items or enhancements they get, kind of like a table.
If anyone could me help me with this I would be very appreciated.

I recommend you take a look at the ShopMod in the lua section called PointShop or something.

Okay Thanks

Quick question, who will spend real money for an RP server?

What? <.<

Many, many people. Probably not for the things this guy is offering, but other stuff.
Donator usually get something in exchange, like in Ventmob RP, they get the ability to spawn props, for 30 days, and get $50k or something.

Well It’s all technically used as donations. We are still deciding on what we are wanting to do. I mean we are selling respected and the points thing may be scrapped or be really cheapened. Say like 500 points will only be like 1 dollar. its like a donation exchange system like Busymonkey said, It’s all going for support of the server. We need to raise money to get better server parts so we can have more player slots and less lagg. Anyways Thanks for giving me an idea Busymonkey I may look into using that as something.
Our server is Fairly new so we are still getting all the kinks out of it but we are getting like 8-10 people at once on weekend and like 4-6 on weekdays and they all seem to really like it. I haven’t had complaints except when someone is causing problems or if the server is having coding issues.
I’m having issues with the latest version of pointshop, selling doesnt work and an older version the developer said to use thats older makes people lose their weapons on death, I need it where they permanently keep the weapons. (like it is on the latest. Is there a fix for the latest version Of Pointshop? Thanks!

I can write your original request. Add me on steam so we can talk about the details. (I don’t mean price, I mean what groups there will be and stuff.)