Player Entity Control

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s any way that you can make a player spectate an entity, but still technically be alive? Take a gamemode I’m making, for example. One player controls a prop, like a melon, and can control it with the arrow keys, sort of like the TTT spectate-entity feature. However, once the ply:Spectate(OBS_MODE_CHASE) and ply:SpectateEntity(insertEntityHere) are called, the player is no longer alive. I want it so that the player can control the entity, which I’ve covered so far, but also so that they’re still registered as alive, and once the entity takes damage/is destroyed, they are as well. I’m not gonna use ply:SetModel(“propmodel”), because I want the prop controlled by pushing rather than just walking around as that prop. Is this possible?

I would look into using the drive library.