Player freezes when standing on a moving func_physbox

I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I thought I would get the most help here since the people here would be the most knowledgeable about maps.

I started a CSS server that plays maps that have alot of func_physboxes (called smash maps). Infact most of the playing area is made up of func_physboxes. But when these move the player(s) on them freeze in place. I have played these same maps on other servers and they allow you to walk on moving physboxes. Is there any console commands that will allow players to walk on moving physboxes?

Perhaps the info_spawn is in, or right there on the func_phsybox?

You could see if moving them further up would help.

If you have too many physboxes or props colliding the physics will be disabled, this making the player unable to move if he touches the boxes.

So, how many func_physboxes do you have?