What would i use to get a player list extremely similar to what ULX did

The area that has “Player List Here”. What would i use to generate a white panel with the player list inside (player name selectable, EX: You click the name once and it all turns highlighted).


Oh yeah and sorry for the crappy picture, just reinstalled Win 7 and haven’t installed Photoshop yet



ok this is my hack (DComboBox):

and here is my gamemode(DListView):

as you can see they are slightly different, the main difference being that a DListView allows you to have colums.

Wasnt good enought.

[lua]local plylist = vgui.Create(“DComboBox”,parent)
plylist:SetPos( 20, 20 )
plylist:SetSize( 150, parent:GetTall() - 40 )
plylist:SetMultiple( false )
for _,v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do plylist:AddItem( v:Name() ) end

That’s a basic example using a DComboBox.

Ok that makes sense, the first one looks a lot like bacon bot =3.

Thank you.

Probably is.

No, I stole the background material.

That explains the different silkicions or w/e. And is that hack in derma?

I sent you a PM.