player:GetDown() and player:SetDown()

player:GetDown() would be a vector of where the player’s feet point. the player’s down vector could default to Vector( player:GetPos().x, player:GetPos().y, ( player:GetPos().z -100 ) )

Or better yet, have some sort of variable which stores a 1 or a 2. If one, use default source engine player orientation, if 2 use the player:GetDown().

Oh, and what this would do, is tell the game where the player’s feet should be pointing. Would be useful for quite a lot of things. Not just cosmetics, but it would also tell the engine what surfaces the players feet could walk on. In theory, one would be able to allow walking on the cieling, as long as gravity permits.

Anyone like this idea? Sorry if I drifted and/or made a poor pitch :T

= -player:GetUp()*100 , nope?

Feet are at its Pos I think.
As for the rest, just use directions.
You don’t need a function for something which can be easily replicated with a very small amount of functions, in this case.

player.GetPos returns the position between their feet.

That is what I thought. I have no idea of lua, but enough E2 to know that what you are asking is quite simple to replicate.