Player.GetInfo returning empty string.

Here’s my debug script:

[lua]me = player.GetByID(1)
print(me:GetInfo(“test_stuff_here”)…" blah")[/lua]

Before you ask; yes, I added “test_stuff_here” in gmod_cvars_cl.txt

In the console I do:

test_stuff_here test

and I execute the script.

It prints in the console:


but I should be getting:

test blah

A bug in the function? Or am I doing something wrong?


Make sure you have clientside:
[lua]CreateClientConVar(“test_stuff_here”, <string or number default>, false/true, true)[/lua]
make sure the last one is true or the server won’t be able to read it.

Thank your for the reply. It works now, I totally forgot about that function :S

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