Player head tags.

Im trying to make headtags that shows there rank in the server in colors above the players had in garrys mod but the problem is i dont really know were to start If someone could please help me that would be really nice.

Well i got somewhere here is what i think that might be right.

– Player head tags made by BlackmanCuldesac

if SERVER then

local stored = {};
local meta = FindMetaTable( “Player” );
local haveNiceFunc = meta.GetUserGroup != nil;

local function AddAbove (Group, Name, Color)

Your first question would be, Will the name tag be drawn on the HUD, or will it be a 3D2D display above the player?

If you choose the first, you will want to get the players position, add on their height plus a bit for padding, turn the vector into a 2D vector on the screen using Vector:ToScreen(), and draw onto the screen in the HUDPaint hook the information you want. Additional features would be to fade in and out depending on the distance to the player.

If you choose the second, you will want to create an entity parented to the players pelvis, draw in a 3D2D hook the information you want, above the head of the player. As above, an additional feature would be to fade in and out depending on the distance to the local player.