Player ID loot drop idea

So I was thinking, I get that on some servers people might ACTUALLY band together to build a cumminity (Personally all I have ever seen are people who KoS and grief, but I get that it COULD be a possibility to happen…providing there ever becomes an actual reason to do so), and I was thinking of these kind of like the old wild west towns. Now one thing that holds a community together is fear of reprisal if you do something wrong. In the real world most of us are law abiding because if you are not you lose everything you have built for your life, get shunned by your community, and or end up dead. There is no real way to represent this in Rust, and I know the Devs are not going to impliment any sort of karma status or anything. So one thing that I thought would be an interesting idea is that when a player dies they drop a “ID Card” in thier backpack. The idea of this being that if you have a community say, and there is a group of bandits or thieves or whatever in town you could put up a sign with thier names on it for the people in your town living to know who they are…then you could put up a Wanted Poster, with a reward being offered to the person(s) who can bring back that dropped “ID Card” as proof…digital way of bringing someones head back to the sherif or whatever. This doesnt flag anyone for anything, but gives an ingame way to track and reward actions.

That sound like a good idea for a mod. Or you could just pay homage to Diablo and claim the victim’s ear.

I don’t know that this belongs in vanilla Rust, however.

Why not? This game is supposedly all about killing people right? Since that is the only way it is played anyways, and the Devs dont want to put anything else in place to identify people. This is just a drop, could easily be labeled something like “TheTrueLoots Head” or ear, or penis (since sooo many Rust Players are obsessed with dicks), doesnt have to be a card or whatever, just something that you can pick up that has the persons name on it…Im no programmer, I dont know if it would be an issue because it would be unique or whatever, but if you can eat people, I dont see how this would be against “Vanilla” Rust.

That is something that I would like to see in Rust, the ability to cut off a players hand/head/foot/ear etc and have it as an item to display or trade.

“Paying 500 metal shards for players head!”

I could get behind this as well. This would be a great mod and if someone made it I bet many servers would use it.

Good idea!

Actually, in combination with this thread, I think we may actually have something good that I’d support being in vanilla Rust all the way.

Not an ID card.

Your victim’s head.

I mean, your enemy’s decapitated head pulled out of a bag was essentially the “pics or it didn’t happen” moment before cameras were invented.

Furthermore, it’d be cool if the inventory icon was specific to the facial features of your victim’s unique character customization choices (without clothing items). I don’t know whether it would be better to do this dynamically (the server could push it to a temp cache on the client, maybe?) or to just pregenerate every combination and bake the set in, or if there’s a better solution I’m not aware of.

I’m thinking that you would need to be carrying a bladed weapon or tool of some kind in order to take heads, too. No taking the heads of people you shot from 150 yards and then ran because the rest of their group chased you off.

Really gross wet chopping sound effects and gory animations optional (for the love of god).

Good idea, but like what elixwhitetail said: go for the victim’s head! I’ve seen this idea in Ultima Online aswell. You chop of their head and the head ‘item’ will carry the name of the player.

You know how to build and maintain weapons. You’re in a strange location with radiation everywhere. You know how to shoot people accurately with a bolt action rifle from hundreds of meters away.


Makes a fuckload more sense than carrying around heads.