Player in air

Is there a function which returns if a player is in air, but predicted?
I only found IsFlagSet and IsOnGround which are both networked and therefore not working properly in a SetupMove hook.

You can check OnGround in a FinishMove hook since it’s set shared at that point.

So it isn’t networked?
I don’t get this prediction shit at all.

Basically, prediction occurs in Move hooks since the client is predicting how the local player will move in the world to smooth out playing experience. The server will then send its version of the move event and the client will make any corrections it needs to from small inaccuracies/other player movement. The FL_ONGROUND flag/GroundEntity is updated in the internal PlayerMove method, which is called after the Lua Move hook, thus in FinishMove, the server and client will have the updated ground state in a predicted environment. It may not always be completely correct clientside since prediction is only an estimate, but it will be extremely close.