Player Interaction/First spin

Hey guys, I have to be honest, I only brought this game because I got bored extremely quickly with DayZ Standalone’s linear state. I know, it’s a pre alpha and I appreciate that completely, but it’s just boring at the moment. So, the point at hand; I was browsing steam, (the winter sale has hit my wallet hard this year) and noticed rust in the popular titles. Paid my £15 and gave it a spin. Unluckily for me, the servers were down due to the recent hack. This made me want to play a game i’d never really heard of, never really seen, but I was desperate to play. Anways, servers boot back up today and I get my first few hours on Rust. Brilliant game, the makings of one of the best I have come across. I love the player interaction and the general madness of what is going on around me. Quality, I am looking forward to plating this throughout the dev stages.

A very happy gamer,


P.S I thought my character was naked and tried to helicopter dick a guy, he then tried to kill me, so I smashed his head in with a rock.

Finally, a respite from “omg mods, you such cruel dudes.” Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself, if you need any pointers, feel free to give me a PM.

I agree Jonny, this post brings a slight happiness to my video gamer side. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game. Despite all the problems I’ve had no problem joining other servers and starting over again and again. This game has been one of my all time favorites for not having any story or end objective. I’ve seen player-built cities ran by 20+ people and owned a ~5story house myself and I just love getting fucked and having to start over. xD

Welcome to Rust!

I hate getting fucked :v: but it is always enjoyable to re-experience survival.

Yeah it sucks but usually I have my friends with me so we spend time finding eachother and making in game friends or just dying a lot.

Day one of this game was spent finding my four friends in game for about 6 hours. SIX HOURS WE SPENT trying to find eachother, and that alone was SO much fun. xD

I play lone wolf usually, but sometimes when starting out, I find a nice group of people who drop me a couple pieces of chicken, I never take guns or anything though, I love the challenge of getting everything else together for myself. You will die SO many times getting started. But each time, you progress farther, because you will have some new recipes each time, and develop new strategies that work for you, that’s why I really like rust.

Assuming the OP isn’t one of the recently banned people trying some weird reverse psychology thing(no offense by the way, you just can never be 100% sure on the internet), its nice to see a non complaint here.

Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing. Though in any case, it is still nice to get a rest from the melodramatic people going “mods suck,” or “this game is broken, fix it”

Can i post videos on here? I filmed my first day on rust.

Don’t worry I haven’t been banned, I just hate the amount of aggro that games get, thought it would be nice to share some positive thoughts about the game for once.