Player is running straight left... what to do?

Hey guys,

so my player (me) is just running left, only if I press W and D the player is running forward… there is nothing wrong with the A-key…

What should I do?

It happens on every server, even on my own.

I tried:

-Gmod Reboot

-Gmod-Settings for the keyboard

-System Reboot.

Greetz and sorry for bad english.

check your key bindings

When this happens I just press the A key again. It should stop

I just like raped the A-Key, THEN my player just runs forward left… gr8 :smiley:

Stop running left would probably be the best solution.

Jeah, it would be. :smiley:

So… now… my player is running straight back left… and when I press W and D, he stops… so…

uninstall… install… Lets see if this works…

Edited: So… uninstalled, installed… and nothing changed… but (for example) CS:S does what it should… so… what to do? Doesn’t anyone had this problem? I can’t be the only one…

Must be your keyboard then. Try a different keyboard and see if that works

Check your bindings again, I suppose? What workshop addons are your subscribed to? Maybe one of them is messing around with your movement. Are you automatically moving or is it when you press a key? I can’t tell from your original post and your other post. And also relax on the ellipses (…)

This probably won’t work since exitting the game should have the same effect, but you could try entering in the console (press ~ while in game)


@t h e : Yes, my player is automatically moving, in the moment I join a server…

So… seriously guys? What the fail?

So I did a complete system recovery, anti-virus-scan and at least cleaned Gmod… aaand my player is still running back and left…

I don’t know what to do…

Edit & btw: The Gmod-Support doesn’t help anyway…

And again, sorry for my bad english.

Try a different keyboard.

This happens when you have a PS3 or Xbox controller attached to the computer. Happens all the time for me when I forget to unplug my GH3 controller from my computer

Other keyboard? Doesn’t work.

And I don’t have a PS or Xbox-Controller attached to my computer… BUT A JOYSTICK…

one moment.


It was so easy… facepalm

Thanks Elitetech :smiley: