!player is working well?

My question is, !player is working in gmod multiplayer because sometimes the npcs stops working on my linux server but in windows they do less problems.
Why they cant see all players? I am trying to fix the problem on Half Life 2 maps.
Like in ep2_outland_01 on linux server Alyx doesnt start the scene but on linux she starts it why?
In ep1_citadel_04 Alyx only accepts the rollermine from one player. Any help?

  1. !player is from a addons, you will have to be more precise about it.
  2. Be precise about the “sometimes the npcs stops working on my linux server but in windows they do less problems.”

This is a known problems and it’s not related to OS. These problems is fixed, but the update for it is not released yet, be patient.

You will need to use a addons for coop in Half-Life 2 campaigns. There are somes addons about this availables on the Workshop.

Can you name that addon ?

I started test hl2 maps on hl2 camapign gamemode. There is a known problem in d2_prison_06 in windows and linux server appears often. But linux still has more issues with npcs. Can you name that addon I am trying to get it from workshop.

It’s up to you to find which addons is providing !player…
And for the coop, you can try this, I guess this one is very complete.

I am using the same gamemode that u linked but I have already changed it so much.
But I dont know which addon fix !player.

AFAIK, There is only one HL2 campaign coop addons for the moments.
Your only hopes is to report the problems founds to the author of this HL2 coop addons.
(Except for problems like Alyx doesn’t start EP1/EP2 scene, which is related to Gmod.)

No you cant understand me this gamemode not manipulate any npc or anything just adding ending and checkpoints.

I’m sorry but I think you didn’t check farther about the technicals features the addons provides.
For example, there somes fixes for targeting.

I know about it. It fixed the gordon is citizen or not.

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Check the game on linux u will see the problem in ep2_outland_01, etc.


I see globals can cause big problems.