player jumps on another players head

Is it possible to give damage to another player by jumping on there head with lua??

I tend to think yes.

Actually I don’t think there is… or atleast I have never seen this happen. You could add code to calculate damage if it’s desirable for you, however.

local function OnPlayerHitGround( pl, wet, float, speed )
  local what = pl:GetGroundEntity( )

  if what:IsPlayer( ) and speed >= some_value then
    local info = DamageInfo( )
      info:SetDamage( some_other_value )
      info:SetDamageType( DMG_CRUSH )
      info:SetAttacker( pl )
    what:TakeDamageInfo( info )
    return true

hook.Add( "OnPlayerHitGround", "Mario Damage", OnPlayerHitGround )

Something like that.

Well you can do it in TTT. I am pretty sure its added in because it doesn’t happen in darkrp. We call it goomba stomping on my server lol.