player.Kick, Is it bugged/Broke?

Well, I’ve been trying to “Exploit” proof some of my code. But apparently player.Kick() is not working, see the following code for my example. The only success I’ve had as to making a player leave is by forcing the disconnect console command upon the player.

function TestKickPly(ply)
ply:Kick(“Test Kick Worked!”)

Is ply a getting a player entity?

Are you testing in SP? I don’t think it works in SP.

Alright, I was in Singleplayer. But I hosted a multiplayer and had a friend join yet it still doesn’t work.

It prints “Test?” but doesn’t kick the player.

Maybe you should set up a derma menu with a button that kicks you. If that doesn’t work, consider revising how you call the function.


No he isn’t.