Player killing deterrence

First off, I’m all for the wild west nature of Rust. I love the danger of having the full freedom to cooperate with someone all the while having the ability to betray them at any time. It’s part of the appeal of this game.

What I’ve noticed however, is after the wiping of the servers, the senseless killings have increased astronomically. Everyone kills on sight, for 90 percent of my encounters. And there is no incentive not to do so. So for players such as myself who take the chance to be friendly, we just get blown away and lose everything.

What my humble proposal (which is purely a suggestion) is to give players who die, the choice to become a “zombie”. You get fast regenerating health and a chance to hunt down whoever killed you. Or you could simply choose to respawn as normal. Having the choice, will make trigger happy people (who have little to lose) think twice before they kill someone.

At least give people who just spawn a chance. I know suggestions and ideas are a dime a dozen, and understand the devs are hard at working the rest of the game. But I just wanted to make myself heard.

How about no.
Just act intelligently, group up with people you know, and don’t act like an easy target.

and if we know no one that plays rust?

dont act like an easy target? how do you do that when you are naked and someone or SOMEONES come in full kevlar with m4’s and mow you down while you are gathering that very scarse metal node?

please dont act like its a simple answer. only makes you look like a one of the assholes that think they’re good while they kill nakeds.

Haha, why not? I’m pretty serious about this. I honestly believe it would be an interesting game mechanic.

Since the devs were talking about taking zombies out anyway, this would be a cool way to keep zombies in the game while removing the AI zombies.

Too many people are being asshats for no reason. I didn’t mind it when I first started playing, but after a couple of nights of playing it was starting to get to me when I had no time to accomplish anything. If I just want to jump in for a couple hours, I feel like I at least want to do something fun even if I don’t accomplish anything. Getting vengeance as an undead would at least give me a modicum of satsifaction.

If you’re naked with nothing, you have nothing to lose. Stop crying. Why in the hell did you buy a PVP game if you don’t like PVP? Go play on a PVE server and stop pretending like you own the server you play on.

i agree with your point about wanting to play a game to some satisfaction of the user. and after a few hours of being killed by people who stayed up all night for the best gear/housings it gets to the point of why log in to try again when you are going to die again and have that farm go into someone elses chest of hundreds of other mats they’ve took from others.

the zombie idea is kinda lame tho for me. but other may like.

nonetheless they need to do something about it

Here’s an idea: don’t stay in populated areas! Don’t be an easy target means don’t sit around waiting for someone to kill you. Be stealthy. Find a hidden place to build your 1x1 and be careful about when and where you go to farm materials.

Go find a less populated community server.

This isn’t a hard game, people.

you need to farm to get ahead… and as soon as someone sees you at a tree or a node they kill you.

stop being an elitist asshole and think about others not having 24/7 to play a game.

pvp means player versus player. how is killing a naked person at a node with automatic weapons versus? its not.

you are obv one of the ones who kill nakeds since your post sounds so butthurt. grow a pair and go ‘pvp’ someone with the same gear as you instead of killing zero challenge targets.

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you are so fucking toxic i’m stunned… You know all the resource areas have tons of people.

Here’s why not. This is how the devs want the game to take shape and what they are working towards. Understand that not everything they describe is possible yet so be patient and accept that the game is fundamentally unbalanced right now.

I’m not being an asshat here, btw. I’m pointing out that you are swimming against the flow. If the above description of a game doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps Rust isn’t the game for you, and it’s almost certainly not the game for you while it’s still in early development like this, where these concepts are half-finished.

I’m not being an elitist asshole, but it’s nice that I don’t need to lower myself to petty name calling and personal insults to get my point across.

The person being killed at the node got caught unprepared. That’s their mistake. They were out in the open, in a populated area, when they shouldn’t have been. That’s the fault of the dead player, not the fault of the prepared player who rightfully killed you and took your stuff (boo hoo).

It doesn’t matter whether you can play 24/7 or not. Stop whining. Stop demanding that the game change to fit your play style instead of becoming a better, more cunning player, yourself.

I don’t kill nakeds unless I recognize that they’ve been on my server for a few days and have had the opportunity to be prepared. Or, sometimes, I just kill anyone and everyone I find because fuck them and you too. :slight_smile:

Sure, what do you expect when you choose to join a server with hundreds of people? Derp.

The argument for killing naked players is simple - they don’t fight back and as they are literally at the bottom of the ‘food chain’ their only way is up and as you say, they need to farm to do so. So when you kill a naked player, they’re typically carrying several hundred wood and a good deal of other materials that would be time consuming to farm oneself. Considering the fact you have just exchanged a few bullets for perhaps a stack of ores, wood and cloth, I’d certainly say it was a logical thing to kill naked players. Ethical? No, but logical, yes.

The way to change this is to make the materials that are being farmed by the new players as worthless as possible to the higher end players and I think there is a comment regarding this either on the Trello site or somewhere here on this board.

It would be stupid to make the farmed materials worthless to other people. That’s WHY you kill nakeds. They’re farming so we don’t have to. There are too many carebears who’ve bought this game. Not that I mind, because they go right back to farming naked when they’re done crying in the text chat. That’s enough time for me to have killed someone else and loop back around to find them farming again.


Thanks for the hard work, kids!

I love going FAR away from people to do my harvesting and building. HOWEVER, once you leave a certain radius of spawn zone, resources and animals don’t spawn anymore. Resource spawning should be balanced a little better.

But then it kind of defeats the purpose of playing with others also when you get so far away from people. I’m just suggesting some kind of middle ground when it comes to creating an interesting dynamic between players besides the default of “kill or be killed” on sight.

The most fun I had was a couple of nights ago when I found a couple of randoms who were willing to cooperate. But then tonight for example, I spent two hours soloing for a bit, occasionally running into people attempting to coop, but I’ve been getting killed all night. It’s really hit or miss as it is.

I understand your suggestions to play smarter, be careful, etc, but I want to enjoy the game even if I don’t have 3 or 4 hours a night to devote to playing. I’m starting to feel as Dephness pointed out above, why even bother logging in to play if I’m just going to get slaughtered over and over unless I devote a good chunk of my time to play?

IT’S AN ALPHA. The map isn’t complete.

Get over it.

Find a lower population server. Use your brain. There are solutions to the problem, which is in your head, but the solution does not involve changing everyone else’s gameplay because you don’t have the same amount of time to play. Go find a lower population server.

Do you think this has something to do with the game being Early fucking Access?

Use the meat in your head for a minute here, and understand that unfinished does not mean abandoned. This game is open with the idea that it is not done and you’re going to suffer some inconveniences and glitches along the way. If you’re not comfortable with this, stop playing and come back in a few months.

Seriously. The game is unbalanced right now, end of story, and the only way it’s going to change is with time. Time for the devs to actually finish the game and finish constructing the systems you find so lacking that you’re creating quick-and-dirty fixes for. If you’re not having fun, go do something that is actually fun and check back later. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration that way.

Aimed at the post below:

Insight of the decade, everyone.

I wasn’t implying anyone replying here is an asshat, I meant the senseless player killers.

But back to my point, I totally understand the vision the devs are going for and that this game is WIP, that’s why I’m trying to incite discussion (not simply rant as my post suggests :smiley: ). You mentioned the tools that devs give us. The problem is, beginners have no chance to acquire ANY tools. Might be due to balancing issues at the moment.

I mentioned this above, but looks like if I try to go away from everyone else in order to peacefully build my gear, there are little to no resources spawning. Not sure if it’s an issue with number of players on a server or server settings or what? But regardless it certainly detracts from any enjoyment for me at the moment.

That’s not true at all. I played on a several hundred player server and was able to get my 1x1 house up with a metal door before being killed the first time.

The solution is simple: stop crying and stop being a dumbass.

The resource node placement will become dynamic in a later update, it’s listed under the priority heading:

listen to yourself… you’re saying to stop getting caught, but you look around its safe. you mine once from the node look around again safe. mine again…BAM 3 people with auto weapons blast you from over the hill. but now i’m suppose to play by myself? i didn’t pay 20 bucks for a MULTIPLAYER game to join some server where i’ll NEVER see anyone. i can do that without paying.

There’s fair mechanics, unfair mechanics and retarded mechanics that turn a great game into a meh i’ll go play another where its not just spawn die feed people… rinse repeat

and btw: saying stuff like the “derp” is what making you sound like a condescending elitist asshole.

The area of the map that spawns resources is very limited at the moment, yes. This is because the game’s in alpha. No, I do not believe that this is intended to be permanently the way the map will be laid out.

To the below post, rather than make another one (again):

I make judicious use of profanity to make my point and emphasize things. When used sparingly, it gets peoples’ attention. I’m not attempting to insult you, but I am trying to point out that you’re tilting at windmills on fundamental design decisions because the game is unbalanced right now and you don’t like that. And, you’re right, it is unbalanced, as I’ve said. Because it’s unfinished. This will change in time. Feedback is valuable, but not all feedback is as valuable as others. “Please make this game exactly like CoD” is not worth much as feedback (not that anyone in this thread said that, it’s a dumb example on purpose). Feedback that attempts to completely reverse direction on fundamental design concepts is important, but at this early phase, it doesn’t represent much because you’re criticizing something that’s not even finished and working properly yet.