Player looting distance is to far

The distance in which one player can loot another player is to far, imo. In the screenshot I have listed below, I am able to loot my friend from at least 3 meters away. Trying to steal from someone 1 meter away would be difficult, but this 3 meter stuff is just to much…

Standing on the roof of my one story house a naked player walked up to house and looted me from the ground. He went from naked with no weapon to having a spear at which point I checked and mine was missing.

I’m really not keen at all on the loot players mechanic (while alive). Perhaps if you were crouched and behind them it could open up the option but just walking up to another player and rifling through their pockets is a little nuts. There is no way to know if someone is looting from you, in front of your face. Perhaps when successfully stealing an item of large size or quantity there should be a warning flash on the screen. If a key or something small is stolen that makes a modicum of sense but taking a weapon from you without your knowledge is a bit much.

looting animations, and restricting it to only being available from behind, and nothing currently equipped:)

Does anyone know if players stealing from you is recorded in console?

I don’t believe I saw anything in the console about that.

Sneaking up behind someone to loot bigger items makes a lot more sense. Putting in elements of stealth would provide another play style for players would break up the KoS, or run up and loot that currently dominates. Not that I hate those, I’m mostly a KoS myself.

I thought it might be neat if when behind someone looting them, their items were highlighted in either red(heavy) or green(light). If you take a light item, maybe it makes a little noise, but if you take a big item, it stops your ability to loot for 15 seconds or so and makes a louder noise.

Also (I got this idea from our shitty stacking system) it might be interesting if pick pockets are limited to only being able to take half a stack of items per drag and drop. Ex) 1/2, 1/4, 1/8

Cmon Garry, I totally want to be Garrett!