Player meeting/gathering thread - Want to find buddies? Go here.

I am getting moderately annoyed by all these threads with people looking to meet up with other and/or new players, so I’ve decided to make this thread. Please direct all your recruitment to your group and the like here. Will improve on the OP when I got more information to put here such as different public groups, TeamSpeak and Mumble servers, Steam groups.
You could also call this a community hub.

Hey all,
I’m new to rust bought it last night would like to group up with sum1 :slight_smile:

I’m just about to buy my key too. Would like to find a group by the end of the weekend

Gonna play

hei guiz i just bawght a keyy for 100 $ :slight_smile: )) I wuld laik to teim up wit meny meny pipl, pliz tell me if my frend yu ar.

duwhd i bawt mynes for 2 hunned dolla wets pway rust. btw i only 5

looking to game with people so add me on skype ! shaneandersson

Tbh from my experience you make a team in-game, just happens.

Easy to stroll off from eachother, and people would listen in if you’d use the in-game chat. You find the best people on the forums, because they’re involved and usually know more.

I just bought it earlier today so feel free to add me on steam or skype.
I’m noble_ambition on skype and Noble Ambition on steam. I’m currently in a house with one other person on the top of a hill beside a factory. Sorry for the lack of directions but we’re all a bit lost.

We are two experienced rust players that are recruiting both new and old players. We’re chill guys that enjoy playing the game with others and we don’t mind teaching any new players the ropes. PM me if interested, we can also team up with swedish players

oh, I see where your coming from but from my experience all the alliances I have made are from people I have killed in the past. And somehow managed to befriend people and join there teamspeak and so on.

With the current playerbase, it’s more than likely you’ve killed the ones you’ve grouped up with. We’re concentrated, and when there’s no alliance, there’s no reason not to open fire.

Rust Dynasty is being reborn, we’re getting all of our old players to come back and we’re currently recruiting, PM me for details.

Didn’t I say that?

Hello, I’m searching for German Buddys :slight_smile: Contact me via Private Message!

Is the Teamspeak still active?

Looking for a teammate Find Saltybeernut at this ages 18+

I Wanna play too with u guys

Anyone over the age of 14 wanna play?
… I know Optimistic!!