player mod

ok could we have things like these to make gmod more fun? (mirrors edge/avp anyone?) they would also require animations, this probably will be amazingly hard to do and i probably will get many dumbs for this huge request, if anyone wants to add anything to this impossibly scarey thread then go right ahead. even only part of this being done would be amazing

vault- sprint and jump on hitting something
slide-sprint and duck= slide tackle, could do damage to enemys
roll- fall, upon land duck and sprint (lessens fall damage
grab ledge, jump at ledge and press e, do forward to climb and e to drop
wall run, sprint in the air near a wall, uses momentum

when strafing you should tilt the camera sideways, and sprinting even more so, sprinting should make a sligh bumping motion,and runing only very slight bumping, weapons should still be fireable

other stuff
mouse button3 for either using the tertairy attack (explained later) or whacking people with your gun when you dont have a tertairy weapon or you are close to something

tertairy weapons
basicly weapons that go with your usual weapons, (idea of avp) for example you have your smg out, you fire the bullets, then you fire the grenade, then you fire a shouldercannon-without switching from your smg, you must pick them up, hopefully they could use bucket 7 or 8 (i am not sure if this is possible tho)
ideas so far:
plasma caster (shoulder mounted)
smsmg (shoulder mounted smg)
flame breath
grenades (he,flash,stun,emp,gas,napalm,smoke)
artillery strike
baby strike (an artillery strike with babies, whats not to like?)
grappling hook
hidden gun (like the hidden blade of assasins creed, i havent played 2 yet :frowning: )
predator disc
suicide bomb
commands (for rebels and other friendly npcs, go here attack him etc)
iron mans chest thingy
energy shields (that arent passive)
teleport (to where you are pointing, short range only)

body modifications
(these should be assigned hotkeys, and should be picked up)
needle heal (quick but only minor) most likely h
pack heal (slower but more) hold down h
cloak (partialy inafective) dunno what key
focus jump (like in avp3), crouch and jump
shield (lasts for a few seconds, even faster when being shot at) dont know what key