Player model acting strange.

Just a disclaimer, I am new to this whole player model thing, so I do not have the best knowledge of this subject. Most of my information is coming from youtube videos on how to make player models, so the info that I do have may not be adequate enough.

So I’m trying to import the Survivor player model that was used in a mod for Half Life 2 called Suicide Survival. Since it was a source game, I figured it would be pretty easy to port. So with that said, the model your about to see mostly has the exact skeleton and rigging from its original game(and by mostly, I mean the parts of it which I have done, being deleting some of the finger bones and changing the weight paint in areas to try and keep it from being distorted). But anyway, here’s two screen shots of it in game, and warning, its pretty bad…

So one thing that I am asking about is the weird behavior that the clipping is displaying. I know that it may be due to the bad weight painting, but from just looking at the two videos on youtube that show you how to make a player model, with the weight painting being just as bad in those videos, the models didn’t come put as bad as this. So is this common, or is just in this case in which the model rigging is awful?

If someone replies to my post and helps me fix my exporting issue then I’d be happy to help, but right now I have no way of testing to see if anything I create will work right now.

I would be happy to help once my issue is solved. Best of luck!

If you have dropbox or google drive could you zip all the model files and post a link to the zip file? That would help a lot!
Here’s a compressed file of the file that I have in my addons.