Player Model Additions

Is there a way to make a script that edits the v_models and sounds for each player model? For a v_model, think replacement, but only for the specific model. For sounds, they could edit the weapon sounds, or player sounds such as footsteps or falling. Making this kind a of lua script would add an extra layer of immersion to player models.

For Example: A combine player model that uses “v_stunstick.mdl” instead of the “v_crowbar.mdl” for the crowbar weapon. The player model could also make boot sounds when the player steps, instead of the softer sounding foot steps they usually make.

I’m no coder, hopefully someone is willing to bring this idea to fruition, but if not, I hope this concept can inspire someone down the road.

Why would you replace the crowbars look to stunstick while there is a stunstick swep?
And there are things like: that you can use to modify footstep sound.

The idea is to add some unique flavor to each player model. Another concept could be the zombie player models using their claws instead of a v_crowbar model. Or the tf2 sniper using his Kukri.