Player model aiming in the wrong direction.

I’m having a problem with the player model looking to the left but the actual hit direction is not where the player is looking.

The weapon’s hit is where the flashlight is shining but the player’s model is looking off into nothingness.

This is what I have that is modifying the camera/player

function OverHeadView( ply, origin, angles, fov, vm_origin, vm_angles )

local view = {}						
view.origin = origin + Vector(0,0,400)
view.angles = Angle(90,angles.y,angles.r)
return view

– Disable the players pitch aiming
function NoPitch( ply, cmd )
local angle = ply:GetViewAngles()
– Should the game draw the local player
function GM:ShouldDrawLocalPlayer()

		return true  


hook.Add("CalcView", "OverHeadView", OverHeadView)
hook.Add("CreateMove", "NoPitch", NoPitch)


Also, you can’t see it in the picture but whenever I shoot I see tracers, is there a way to disable them?


I’m having this same problem, it’s not constant, nor is every player effected. But a lot of times people will spawn with their torso/upper body rotated.

I’m making a topdown-shooter too, and i’m having this problem too…
Help… ? :S