Player Model Bug Please Help

Sorry if the name of the title seem to make you think i’m having the T model’s problem.
I’m not.
Also, sorry in advance if there is another thread like this. I couldn’t find it.

Anyways, for some weird reason my server just started glitching out the models that players use after i installed a couple new models from the steam workshop.
My server is DarkRP and my problem is that whenever you choose a new job, your model won’t change to that job.
It just stays as whatever you have it set to using the context menu\player model
In other words, if you were in single player and your model was set to kleiner, then you join my server and the citizen model is Dr Breen, then your model would still be kleiner. If you change your job to something that uses Eli, then it would still be kleiner. Keep in mind, it’s not limited to those models, it’s any job with any model that you try to change to and through death/job change it’ll stay the same.
I don’t get it at all. I can leave my server up if you guys need clarification on what’s going on.
The IP is:
It has nothing to do with the darkrp gamemode, and there are no lua errors that appear in the cmd.

Update! I’m reinstalling the server completely for a quick test.
I believe it has something to do with this addon

I only believe this because it forcefully changes your model when you have the weapon out, regardless of job then when it’s put away you go back to your default model that you’ve set in the context menu.
I’ll post another update confirming or denying this theory in just a bit.

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I confirmed it, it was the previously mentioned addon. Avoid this addon if you guys dont want people to select their own models for your server.