Player-model 'Claire Redfield' RE series

Can someone make a player model with all animations for Claire Redfield? I plan on using her as my custom model in my novus-two script when I release my community, If it’s possible, I would rather someone make a version of her RE2 one with the red vest still on, or off I don’t care, but if it comes down to it, I would happily take this : as a model…

Please I need this as a playermodel.

Thank you a ton in advance, if you wish to talk about it, add me on steam : |TWWRA| Daziris

There was one done before which was from that Darkside Chronicles or something, i dunno, i havent played it.

Someone ripped the model for her from that game. Her outfit was very close to the RE2 version. If anyone can find that model, a reskin cant be that difficult.

That’s the model… but its a ragdoll, not a playermodel…

Couldn’t it just be slapped onto a valve skeleton? If we can find the model, which I think was potted by mariokart64n

See the part where playermodels = stupid fucking useless shit.

Kinda true, but playermodels allow for npcs

I’d much rather have an npc Claire

Notice the request says Player Model.
I don’t mind an npc, but I require a Player Model.

And then it goes silent… :confused: no one able to do it?