Player Model Creation Request (Will pay /very/ well.)

I want a (GMOD) player model made of a certain character (Ozy) from a comic strip.
There aren’t any models in existence to my knowledge (after an extensive search.)
Will pay top dollar for top quality, so if you’re hurting on cash and have the expertise just ask away on pricing. (Price is negotiable, so I won’t list a dollar amount.)
If you’re here to flame for my choice of model that’s okay too, it is just a free bump on the topic.

Shameless bump.
When I say very well I mean that I’ll pay atleast 100$ USD for a working good quality model.

With that kinda dosh being offered up for it, I wish I could say I could do it. Hopefully someone does do it for you though. Good luck!

I expected someone asking for a playermodel of a model already present. I guess someone will have to make the model of Ozy, then make the playermodel of him.

Seems like its worth the money.

Ye, if someone can’t rig playermodels but can model thats nice too :P, just have to split the work.