Player Model Errors on DarkRP Servers

I am making a few custom jobs on my DarkRP server (crips, bloods, batman). The jobs work perfectly for me and I can see the player models. However when a friend joins all he can see is an error sign for the player, although he can still be the job.

I have a resource.lua file in my autorun\server that looks like this


(I’m just trying to get the batman model to work first)

If anyone has any input I would appreciate it

resource.AddFile(“models\player\superheroes\batman .mdl”) the slashes are facing the wrong way and there is no space between batman and .mdl. It should be like:

resource.AddFile( "models/player/superheroes/batman.mdl" )

For the resource.AddWorkshop have you set your authkey and collection id in your server’s start up paramaters?

For future reference use Fox’s Resource Generator.

(This isn’t the only one but it is as simple as it can be. I’ll give you mine which is preloaded with extra extensions for Gmod Specific files)

okay I fixed the syntax (I feel dumb for not seeing that) but how can I check if it’s working for other people if it’s always working for me?

and yes, I have done the authkey and collection id

Delete the file (or everything) in your local garrysmod/downloads folder. Then rejoin your server to see if it works

do you mean my garrysmod in my steam folder or the server?

Your LOCAL garrysmod

okay I did that and it redownloaded everything and it’s working fine. Does that mean when other people join it should work for them as well?

Also thanks for that tool. It’s really useful.

It should work for them as long as you’ve added all of the files you want them to DL.

No problem.

I’m not sure that it worked because even if I delete everything in my local downloads folder and completely empty resource.lua it still works for me.

Did you restart Garrysmod after?

no I didn’t but once I did it wouldn’t load the map, which makes sense because the AddFile for the map wasn’t in the script. At the server loading screen it says things like “extracting superhero pack”

It’s extracting one of your Workshop addons.

Also you don’t need the map in the DL.

while trying to recreate the errors i completely deleted the text from the resource.lua but then it couldn’t load the map so i added

but it still says missing map. So where was it getting it from before?

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I was thinking that too because it didn’t happen until i deleted my workshop addons. The map only loads while i am still subscribed to that map in the workshop.

If you have a webhost then you can upload the map in a .bz2 file. Other than that you can add it normally (My mistake. It’ll just take a while is what I meant)

Also make sure that you’ve mounted your addons before joining. (If you deleted your workshop content then you have to readd/remount them)

I only deleted it to try to test it. Should it work for myself and others if i don’t have it my local addons folder? And what do you mean readd/remount them?

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What’s puzzling me is no matter what I do I can’t recreate the error other people are getting. I unsubscribed to the addon in the workshop, I deleted my local downloads and addons, and i emptied my resource.lua file. I changed the map to gm_construct to test it and It all still works perfectly for me. I just don’t get where it’s getting the player models from.

ds_<id>.gma are files that contain addon information. Same for legacy addon folders in your “/addon” folder.