Player Model First Person Hands?

I’ve looked around for something on how to do this and have found nothing.
So how would I go about having my custom player model’s hands show up in first person?

You can find the source files at the bottom of this page. Just above it is the single line of lua code you’ll need to include with your player to ensure they’re used as well. You’d basically just chop the arms of your player off and rig them to the skeleton the source files come with. If you really want to add a lot of effort, you can use higher res textures and add extra edgeloops to the viewmodel arms for quality.

Since you’ve been in the other thread I should warn you that the proportions trick doesn’t work on viewmodel arms. Arms are bonemerged to weapon animations which don’t hold the adjustment animation needed. For best results you’ll want to import the arms and hands of the reference files and you’ll want to line your character’s hands up. You may need to adjust the proportions of the arms mesh to fit the original arms’ form as best as possible.

Alright, thanks for the info. :slight_smile: