Player model from pre-made skeleton

Before anyone asks, I am using 3ds Max 2014 with Wall Worm and Maya 2014 with MESA.

I’m currently working on porting a character to Gmod as a player model, yet I am having trouble establishing the animations. The skeleton is there, skinned, and the bones are re-named to their respective ValveBiped nodes, but of course when I compile with the default animations, all the bones in the model default to the animation position. Would I have to make my own animations, or is there a way to re-target the bones? I await a reply.

EDIT: YES, I googled the subject and used the handy-dandy Facepunch search to no avail.

Well just renaming the skeleton is usually not enough. Basically You need the valve skeleton and add the respective $include animationfiles that gmod uses to the QC. I’m assuming you’re not doing the second part.

That said, considering it’s not the valve biped but merely a renamed skeleton the model will look all kinds of creepy once your difference skeleton tries to snap into place of the valve one.

You assume incorrectly, as I did $include the animation files in the qc. I guess there isn’t much way of using default animations on different skeletons.

The result was indeed disturbing, by the way.

Re-naming the bones doesn’t make them the same skeleton, their rotations and such are all different than the ValveBiped, hence why when you try and apply animations to them with a similarly named skeleton it doesn’t know which way it has to turn and shit.