Player Model Guide?

Anyone know a good guide for making ragdolls/playermodels with blender? I have the model I want in blender I just don’t know what I have to do to get it in game.

Well first you would have to rig the model, then in the .qc you would have to add player animations.

Amended it so it would actually work if it was done ^^ (as player anims don’t work on any old rig)

You can get the Valve Biped Skeleton from decompiling any citizen model, CS:S model (though theres extra un-needed bones in it) or I think theres a one in the SDK and most modelling programs source files.

If you are making ragdolls, use my fixed exporter. It’s on the bottom of the first post in the blender thread. There is a bug with dvondrakes that exports a bone, “armature”, that isn’t a real bone into the smd.

Scratch that, use my fixed exporter for eveything. And soon, Blender will be a COMPLETE source modeling program…when I finish up my VTA exporter. Working on it right now.

Someone please tell me how i make my models auto
download from my server to peoples who are joining??