Player Model Hands for HL2 / CSS View Models

A while ago (perhaps a year or more), Daimao decided to post a few pictures of his Full Body mod. It included replacing view model hand textures with invisible ones, and using your player model’s arms bone-merged to the view model arms. It also included seeing your whole body and not just your legs, but that isn’t really important since we have Blackop’s legs mod. However, as with his running routine, Daimao either finished or didn’t finish it and it was never released in either case. (No offense to Daimao, if you’re reading this.)

Is it possible for a client-side recreation of this, so player model hands replace the normal Half Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source view model hands?

(I have the feeling I gave this a poor topic title.)

I’m going to bump this, trying to see if anyone will at least reply to this request.