Player model help.

Here’s the problem, my player model is stuck as Kliner. Every time I get in a vehicle or die I’m Kliner. I changed my player model but to no avail. Can some one help me?

Go to Options in the q menu, change your model, then type “kill” into the console (without quotes). When you respawn, you should be whatever model you chose.

This is also caused by some addons, don’t know which. It makes you unable to change your model. If you joined a server, it is most likely an admin mod keeping you from changing your model.
Try cleaning your garrysmod or reinstall it.

I just got Gmod a few weeks ago, so can you tell me where the console is?

Hit the tilde button “~”. First you need to enable the console. Hang on,

  1. Click the ‘Options’ button at the game’s main menu.
  2. Select the ‘Keyboard’ tab.
  3. Click the ‘Advanced’ button in the ‘Keyboard’ tab.
  4. Check the “Enable Developer Console (~)” option.
  5. Click ‘Ok’, and then ‘Ok’ again.
    Hope that helps.

How do I reinstall it?

You can re-install gmod by going into the My Games tab in steam, right-clicking gmod and selecting Delete Local something. Then install it again.


No problem.