Player Model Help!

:dog: Hello there, fine people of the FacePunch Forums! I require assistance. I currently just promised all of my friends a custom player model.
But here’s the thing.
I’m trying to make an .fbx file into a Garry’s Mod player model. So I have it, the bones are rigged. I used a program on Adobe Creative Cloud called Fuse CC; Fuse Character Creator.
I’ve made special .fbx files. Each one is made to look like how they want it. Btw, this Fuse is owned by Mixamo. And Adobe bought Mixamo. Enough chat, let’s get to the main thing i need help with. I need to make a player model using a Adobe/Mixamo Fuse .fbx file. How do I create a player model from a .fbx model?
Also I’m using blender. I already have the Source addon for blender installed.
:dogcited: The Guy who Really Cares, Has Consideration, Compassion, And Love, PepperMann.

I suggest that paint weight in blender. I’d made a player model once, but the bones’ direction reset when I was importing into blender.

The things to do is to import your fbx into blender.
Then export it to become smd.

I have a video on making playermodels in blender if you’re interested.