Player Model help?

Maybe this is the wrong place for it, not totally sure. But I recently downloaded some models off and they are only ragdolls. I was curious if it was possible to make them work as player models, selectable from the model select menu on Gmod.

I’m hoping its kinda easy. I wouldnt know what to do if it required writing some sort of script or editing the model files themselves. I thought maybe i could just move them into a proper folder and it would work like that. If so, can someone just lemme know the exact directory to move them to?

they need the correct animations, and they need to have the correct LUA file, so as long as you can copy-paste some lua, and they have animations, you’re in the green

Ok. Can i open LUA like in a text editor like notepad or whatever? Also, they dont have any anims. is there any way I can copy that too? Or something? The models I have are the “megaman64” megaman legends model rip and the “enix_zero” model of zero from megaman zero.

They come in a folder with a materials, settings, and models folder. But theres no instructions on how to install them properly. the guy who uploaded them was a tard re-uploader with something like “HOORAY MEGAMAN” as the only description. So im not even sure what file out of all that to copy/edit…theres several model files, of which i can only access the ragdolls when i do an “all” browse in the Gmod prop browser tab.

I have this problem… I select model, but its select standart model ( Kleiner model)

Found this old thing, should help you, but it’s old as hell…

Hope it helps, kind of out-dated though.

When you select your model from the menu in Gmod, you have to respawn for the model to take effect. IE: kill yourself or reload the map/a new map

Thanks Gid…that sorta helps…but I dont really know what I’m doing x__x. Is it possible someone can just make them player models for me as a request? But if theres an easier way I’ll do it myself.

Provide links to the models and someone might try :wink:

i was planning on it :stuck_out_tongue: but i didnt know if i should post that in this thread or another. I dont wanna put stuff in the wrong place. but here goes i guess.

If anyone reading this is willing, please convert these models into player models for me? If I re-upload them to, I’ll credit you. Or if you do it yourself. (megaman) (zero)

also if theres a quicker way to do it myself thats not too complicated, i’ll be glad to do it that way.

I have no idea if this will work or not. I just whipped this up quickly.

How do i install it? I put a copy in addons, and also put the individual folders in the right place just to be sure. But it isnt showing up in my model select list.

It’s not an addon so put it in your main garrysmod folder.
As for it not being in the player list, he didn’t write the player manager .lua thing

Use model manipulator to set it as a playermodel untill he fixes it.

well i turn into the model, but then Im just frozen there :stuck_out_tongue: It doesnt animate in any way

Alright, sorry to kill this, but this will not work, unless you make a new model, or new animations ( no one will make animations ). The reason is, it’s not on the half life 2 skeleton, if it isn’t on this skeleton, or very closely similiar, then the animations will not work.

Was lazy when I posted that tutorial, was gonna mention that those ripped models wouldn’t work… but I thought it was obvious and you would have moved on already… my mistake.

Also, there used to be an SVN addon called PMod, it would automatically add playermodels to your lists, but I have no idea if it still works these days.

Before anyone tries asking me for anything else and otherwise, I don’t have any programs installed, and I haven’t done anything for a long while, I lost my computer thanks to smoking, it died of memory corruption from tar building up inside the harddrive, it died a slow painful death.

Well it wasnt “obvious” to me because i was unaware there was no way to make the animations work. By HL2 skeleton, i thought you meant a model with a skeleton that works on the source engine. There are other models ive downloaded that have the same parts and joints as an HL2 ragdoll, including facial and finger poses that are clearly not based off of half life 2 characters. I figured it could work for this.

And i didnt “move on” because i thought it would be possible somehow. I just wanted to know if it WAS possible by whatever means it takes. If its too complex or not worth the work, then yes, i would have said “oh well.” But several people offered several solutions. I just hoped one of them would work. Guess not.

No need to drop a hammer on me like I should have known better…

Also as far as the skeleton deal goes, thats understanable for the megaman legends model considering how “simple” it is, but what about the Zero model? Its a little bit more complex. Maybe the skeleton will work for that one. I dont know because I dont have any way to compare skeletons.

I doubt zero would work. i just made that megaman player model so someone could see if it was on the HL2 skeleton already.

Someone could re-rig it if they really wanted to.

Whats with the rage? I wasn’t attacking you in any way, I never “dropped a hammer” on you, just didn’t have alot of time so I posted the tutorial. Came back to see you think it still works, I had no idea myself also since I never checked the models. Not attacking your intelligence either, you don’t know alot, thats understandable… not much else I can say on that.

The white diamond-triangle things are the skeleton, this isn’t a half life 2 one, but this is just for reference.

theres no rage, but your wording certainly sounded like i should have known better…regardless I saw Alteir’s post about re-rigging, so if anyone out there would like to give it a shot, I would be very grateful. If not, its not really that important to me. Just thought it would be cool since theres no good megaman player models out there for Gmod, but theres plenty of other game characters. Heres 2 models already done, just requiring some rig work. If i had a copy of maya or something, I’d rig it myself but I only had access to it during school.