Player Model Icons

Please help a few days ago my account got hacked i got it back but when i played gmod, i wanted to change my player model and…


youalready made a thread about this, and in that thread, your account hadn’t got hacked, and as i said, delete all your spawnlists, and if that fails, redownload GMod.

which ones? all of them in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<my username>\garrysmod\garrysmod\spawnicons\player

delete the spawnicon folder.

but then it deletes spawn icons for all icons

shudnt i just delete player?

no, you should delete the spawnicon folder, they are automatically remade.

doesnt work and im not at liberty to redownload gmod

can u give me a link to icons or something else please

if you deleted the spawn icon folder, then you already deleted the player folder =/

And if you don’t dl Gmod, you don’t fix it, i no longer wish to help you.

The spawn icons don’t get redownloaded, they get regenerated. But still, this does look kinda fishy…