Player model invisible until death?

I’ve been having a problem with player models, they’re invisible until the player is dead and ragdolls. Not just a single custom player model, ALL player models are invisible while you’re alive, they can’t be seen from in vehicles, on camera, or in third person, or in multiplayer. The weapons the player is holding are also invisible except for the glow sprite on the physgun.
I’ve reinstalled and checked again without any addons, it didn’t fix anything.

It isn’t causing any crashes, it’s just really irritating.

All ragdolls and npcs are visible.

This actually began during the middle of a single player game, my playermodel was perfectly visible, I died, and it no longer showed up. I thought it was odd and saved my contraptions, exited, and started a new game, not a save, and the problem was still there.
Yes, my machine, especially my video card, is really outdated, and overall pretty pathetic, but nothing has been changed recently.

Maybe you got a virus.

J/K if I’m wrong.

I have this issue as well.

Please aid us for great justice

and a cookie.

this problem persists.

I have exactly the same problem and cant figure it out. I assume it’s something to do with an addon thats messing it up but I don’t know which one. It would be awesome if someone could solve this.

Make sure videos drivers are up to date (even if you have outdated hardware, you can still update its software), and if that doesn’t work, try clearing out addons.