Player Model is gray?

(If this is the wrong section, let me know and I apologize in advanced)

Installed a fresh Garry’s Mod server and decided to put a Jailbreak gamemode on it ( but the prisoner team all have this kind of player model:

I cannot figure out for the life of me why this does this. I had a previous surf server that I tried testing it on, and it worked fine on there. What could I be doing wrong?

That’s what happens when you never set a player’s model to anything.

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Contact the author OP.

maybe theres some kind of prisoner model customization config

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That’s the thing though…I tried putting the gamemode in a previous server that I had, and it worked perfectly fine. I copied every single file from it, to there, and it worked. I’ve not found exactly what’s causing it to work or not work though.

That only happens if a player’s model is undefined.

make sure there isnt a missing model any errors in console? and we cant really help much because we dont have the addon.

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Serfma just go look through the files there should be a file where it defines the models. maybe a classes folder

If the model is missing it defaults to models/error.mdl

That screenshot is ply:SetModel() never being called at all

yep that was my edit i realised that and send to go look through the files and see if there was a place where it defines the model

Yes, I clearly see the file and code where it sets the models. It looks good to me, and I’m not going to post even a snippet just in case it’s not allowed/bannable, which I’d feel it is.

have you tried a clean reinstall of the gamemode?

Yes. I’ve tried copying the exact gamemode I had in the server, put it in an older server, and it worked correctly.

EDIT: Hahahaha adding in ULX fixed the issue. :v:

Ok good its fixed :slight_smile:

Yeah once I added ULX in, it magically worked. shrug But thanks to everyone!

That’s not how gamemodes are supposed to work though. If I was you, I’d investigate further.

Yeah, I’ve reinstalled this copy of Jailbreak twice, and this always happens if the player spawns when there’s no round started/you’re the only person on the server

I fixed it by moving the code that handles setting the player model onto a PlayerSpawn hook and then it’s fine