Player Model is Solid Black for NVIDIA Cards

I’m really, really confused.
I’ve made a player model and uploaded it to workshop, seen here.
But it seems that Nvidia cards don’t feel like displaying anything other than a solid black texture.
It’s not an addon causing this, I’ve just checked.
Here’s the normal model:

Here’s the black model:

Sorry for the really huge images.
No, it’s not UVW problems, as I’ve redone them completely and the problem persisted.
It shouldn’t be problems with the actual textures (VTF, VMF) either.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

$illumposition 0 0 40

in QC?

Similar: $illumposition -4.348 -0.007 36.714

remove the $illumposition line and try it

Didn’t seem to work.
It works on most computers, but I’ve been communicating with people with Nvidia cards saying the textures are all solid black. Parts that had no texture were not solid black and were instead pink and black.
Also, it’s not just the playermodel that is black. On these people’s computers, the first person arms (I’ve custom made some) and NPCs are also black. Of course, on my own AMD computer, everything works fine.
Seriously, what in the world is going on? Do I need to make my materials in 3d Studio a different type (they’re bitmap or something) or are my VTF files horribly unreadable by Nvidia or what?

i’m the guy trying to help him and i just wanna point out that nvidia cards are currently the only major possibility either of us have thought of, since i have two friends and myself with nvidia cards, and delphox’s card along with another friend’s are AMD’s.

if there’s any other possibility i cannot think of it.

pm me the source files and ill try to fix it for you

I’ve kind of already fixed the problem. I had to give everything simple UVW maps instead of using the Unwrap UVW feature in 3DS MAX. It was annoying to do but I got it working.