Player Model Issue

Hey, so I recently started up a DarkRP server and I managed to set it up to where everything downloads from my workshop onto the server. However, the only thing that does not work are the player models. People tell me that it shows all the addons downloading and extracting but the custom player models still show up as ERROR. Other people tell me if they download my collection manually everything works fine. I’ve seen a lot of people posting with the same issue but no real solution. Can someone please help me?

Because Workshop sucks. The downloads fail half the time. That’s why, for some people, it doesn’t download properly when joining, but when they subscribe, it does work.

Add your models to FastDL if you have one.

I don’t have that. Do you have a link to a tutorial or could you walk me through it on Steam or something? And can you run that as well as running the workshop DL?

Here is a tutorial:

And yes, you can have Workshop downloads and FastDL at the same time.

add me on steam i will help you i have a server and they work 100% fine

steam: imozar (my login name)