Player Model Mega Thread

Haven’t seen any player model threads, so ask away any questions you have or post your W.I.P. I’ll start first.

Full Hollow Ichigo from Bleach[/T]

Zed from League of Legends

SKT T1 Lee Sin from League of Legends

EMS Sasuke from Naruto

I just cram whatever onto valve biped.

but lately I’ve been trying to get playermodels with the original game animations.

All my SD models were playermodel-compatible from the start, with multiple skingroups, paintablility, custom viewmodels, etc.[/t][t]

I’ve just sorta stopped focusing on that aspect so much since as you can see, the Valve skeleton causes a bit of borky stretching on the arms.

I finally fixed my ragdoll problem. All this time I was making my own physics model and ragdoll, but I just learned that you can use ones that you extracted to get the valve skeleton. OMG I’m an idiot. So much easier.

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It’s out now

New model out

but that’s Dean’s Creeper Player.

Didn’t know there was already one uploaded to the workshop, went here saw that the workshop link was broken then uploaded it. In other news just finished porting hinata -

I really wish someone would fix or make a new citizen pack for use on DarkRP etc…


This is a blood elf that I’ve been working on, I ported it from World of Warcraft using WoW Model Viewer.
I still need to tweak the weight painting.

Thanks, these are a wee bit better then default and more variety, however I would love some assistance in getting these back up and working:

There more high quality and impressive anime girl characters in workshop then actual gamemode related playermodels of quality e.g. Police, Citizen, Chef/Cook that will really add huge benefit to RP.

Would you be interested in helping? they just T pose in-game. I want to workshop them for others to use too once they are working.

What animations should I include in qc to have this?

That specific pose is in one of these.

$includemodel police_animations.mdl
$includemodel combine_soldier_anims.mdl
$includemodel police_ss.mdl

Is it going to work for NPCs with most guns and will playermodels have full animations? Last time I tried to walk with police anims included, I had T-pose.

Remember, you need “$includemodel m_anm.mdl” no matter what.

Add me on Steam.

Anyone know how to make the player models arms show up when in first person instead of a default blue jacket?
nvm found that you have to set it in the lua file

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Finished another port.
Hei from Darker than Black

Oh hey I rigged that.

Oh cool, had to re-rig it tho for gmod. Still gave credits to all (hopefully I didnt miss anyone). None the less I love DTB so thanks! Just pushed out an update that fixed the weapon bones, added an npc, and jiggle bones for the coat.

Anyone that knows how to make player models (no need to model) want to earn some coin from a small player-model pack (will be available on workshop for everyone)

Hit me up on steam (same as username)