Player Model + NPC request - Grunt from the Halo games

This is my first post and I was a bit confused by the location of help. If this topic does not belong here, then I’m sorry and someone move it.

Anyways, was hoping I could help a SeriousRP server of HaloRP (SERIOUS, NOT SOME DARKRP) by requesting the grunt players models and NPCs (Both friendly and foe).

I only need these 2 models for the addons if anyone’s avaiable to make them:

-Normal Grunt.

-Heretic Grunt.

I would apreciate if someone could help me with this, because I love the HaloRP server, but I think grunts could improve the server even better (And let’s face it, almost no one makes serious HaloRP servers these days).

If someone wants to do it, but not for free, I’m willing to pay, provided the price isn’t expensive.