Player Model On HUD Keeps Spinning!

I am making a HUD that displays a player model on it. It is working perfectly but I can not seem to make it stop spinning. I know I am supposed to use PlayerModel:SetAnimated(false); but that doesnt seem to work. The person I took the code from said that he didnt know how to fix the issue. He tried something with PlayerModel.bAnimated = false; but that didn’t seem to work. It did not break my code though so I did not decide to take it out. Here is the code:

hook.Add("HUDPaint", "PlayerModel", function( )
	local _p = LocalPlayer( );

	// Make sure valid player, otherwise model won't work
	if ( !IsValid( _p ) ) then return; end

	// Useful vars we reuse...
	local _model = _p:GetModel( );

	// Make sure the vgui element hasn't been made...
	if ( !PlayerModel || !ispanel( PlayerModel ) ) then
		PlayerModel = vgui.Create( "DModelPanel" );
		PlayerModel:SetModel( _model );
		PlayerModel.__Model = _model;
		PlayerModel:SetPos( 20, ScrH( ) - 150 );
		PlayerModel:SetAnimated( false );
		PlayerModel.bAnimated = false; -- SetAnimated should access this, but not sure why it doesn't.. May be a parent panel that takes it over, this should be corrected and I'll look into a fix for it.
		PlayerModel:SetSize( 130, 130 )
		PlayerModel:SetCamPos( Vector( 18, 4, 60 ) );
		PlayerModel:SetLookAt( Vector( 0, 0, 60 ) );
		PlayerModel:ParentToHUD( DrawMyHud ); -- If it is used on the hud...

	// Update the model if it changes
	if ( _p:GetModel( ) != PlayerModel.__Model ) then
		PlayerModel:SetModel( _model );
		PlayerModel.__Model = _model;

	// Draw it....
	-- up to you.
end );

Can you figure something out?

You need to override DModelPanel:LayoutEntity, lookup the source of DModelPanel on github to see what it is doing

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