Player Model Problem.. Need Help QUICK.

When i try to change to any custom or downloaded player models (yes, i killed myself in-game)
Instead of giving me the desired model, it gives me the klenier model…
I tried to change some settings in the player model lua but it didnt work.

Any errors in the console? You may not have extracted all of the model files.

Feels like it would still show an error model, but this seems odd, unless Garry added that type of thing, likely to make sure it wouldn’t do anything stupid when entering a server.

Sometimes if your are missing one of those dx files, the model will appear invisible.

um… there is no error models or invisible models… thoses where models from

One thing do you go online after?? once in singleplayer and change model then go online then it resets to Kliner, OR did you exstract to ADDONS or your GMOD FOLDER PUT IN GMOD FOLDER or its the files.