Player Model Problem

Thanks for clicking. My player model has a problem, yet it is in a humanish figure. I have a swep, and its world model is located in the groin so it has a code to place it in the hands, simple right? But on my player model, the world model turns invisible and it prints errors saying this

[ERROR] addons/team fortress 2 swep/lua/weapons/hhh/shared.lua:161: attempt to index local ‘hand’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/team fortress 2 swep/lua/weapons/hhh/shared.lua:161

And on another of my friends player models, it gets this problem too. But it has to be specifically ours, because another random one I downloaded has no problem and the default ones our fine also. Next problem is that the legs model shows my player models legs in first person, t-posed. No other player models have this problem this time, just me:pwn:**.



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Noone will be able to help you fix that error without the code.

The QC, I can give that if required,

Post lines 150-180 of your shared.lua in addons/team fortress 2 swep/lua/weapons/hhh/