Player Model problem

I have been having problem in setting my Player Model, since if I tried explaining with words, I’d just mess it all up, I took screenshots to explain better:

Here I am, as Kleiner.

I change my player model and suicide

Yay, it works but…

If I leave the game…

And come back…

I’m Kleiner again…

This also applies to multiplayer, people often think I’m a mingebag.

So, can anyone help me please? Thanks if so :slight_smile:

So you’re saying you choose your model, quit the game, and then start up again as the default model?


Try disconnect, then quit game.

Didn’t work :
(still Kleiner)

Check your cfg’s properties.
Make sure “Read Only” is unchecked.


I had “Read Only” checked…

Thanks Shotgun Guy 49, I owe you one :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Goddamnit ShotgunGuy, why do you always get to help the non-beginners. :saddowns:

I was just helping out.:buddy:

My cfg has read only checked too.
But I set my playermodels manually.