Player-model problem

The Problem is that I have my player-model set tp Male16, however it shows as the default Kleiner model. I am led to believe this is caused by one of the downloads I installed since the last time It worked (yesterday). The downloads I have installed since then are as follows (in order of download, these are the zip file names that were default on download from

[li] npccamera[/li][li] half-life_renaissance_v1.2_quickfix[/li][li]*** hlsspawnmenu***[/li][li]*** trex_v2***[/li][li]*** half-life_renaissance_v1.2***[/li][li] nuke_pack_4[/li][li] Life Support 2 and Resource Distribution 2 (Downloaded from a friend who hosted his files on Mediafire and had no problems with them)[/li][/ul]
means I have already tested without.

sorry for the bump but i have the same problem and i need help! D:

I’m probably gonna go through and try my game without those addons, so I’ll let you know when I do that.

Damn, non of those addons seem to be causing it…