Player model problems

Two threads and they are both questions, im really proud of myself right know…
ANYWAY, about a week or two ago, i played gmod, and everything worked much better then it usually does, it didn’t even crash (i need a new graphics card). The next day I turn on my pc, download a few things of, and return to gmod. i go through my normal routine of posing until i drop a dino ragdoll on myself. It was then i noticed my Player Model was Dr. Kleiner, instead of my normal Jailbreak rebel. I go to fix the problem, and noticed that i had lost every player model i had except for Dr. Kleiner and Gordon Freeman. Has this happened to anyone else? and if so, how do i fix it?

p.s. I already tried getting new models, they never appeared in the list.

Uninstall Pmod

pmod…? you mean gmod?


oh yes, rate it dumb because i dont know if “pmod” is a typo or if its a file… real nice of ya…

PmOD is player Model