Player model question

Sorry if wrong place, sorry if already aksed (I’m aparently not allowed to ‘search’)

I can’t get how PAC work and I’m not sure it can do what i want .
I’m not going to learn 3d modelling and all for this.
So here’s my questions:
Can a server admin get everyone to download my playermodel so they see it?
Can someone make a custom (and now I feel like 95% of the people reading this will enter RAGE MODE) furry player model? I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere…
Yes I’m a furry, from what I saw on other threads, furry hate is HIGH here! Lets see what happens >:)

Thanks in advance.

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Set up sv_downloadurl to send players the models.
However there is often content that a server owner will want clients to have however source does not automatically force these to be downloaded. Using resource.AddFile this can be forced and the files sent. The following content will not automatically be sent:
Resources (e.g. fonts etc)

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Hum, didn’t you just list basically everything?
thanks thought, still one last question left :slight_smile: (or more like request)

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